Asexual and Aromantic Resource Masterlist

General Resources

The Asexual Visibility & Education Network (AVEN): The largest online community for asexuals. Hosts resources, forums, and conferences for aces.

The Asexual Agenda Linkspam: A weekly blogpost collecting links to asexual community news, recent posts and videos, and calls for participants.

What is the Split Attraction Model?: A brief introduction to the Split Model of Attraction that describes the differences between sexual and romantic attraction.

Ace and Aro Content


The Asexual: Quarterly journal that publishes the work of writers and artists under the ace umbrella. Available online for free and as physical issues via

AVENues: Newsletter/magazine by AVEN, featuring articles, poetry, fiction, drawings and more submitted by the community.

Ace Zine Archive (AZA): Online space dedicated to making ace and ace-related zines more accessible.


Asexuals in Fiction: Document that compiles all explicitly asexual-spectrum characters in works of fiction.

The Aromantic and Asexual Characters Database: Database of aromantic and asexual spectrum characters in literary fiction.


Ash Hardell’s ABC’s of LGBT+

How (some) Asexuals… Have Sex 👍🏻- Ash Hardell


Aced It!: A weekly advice show hosted by Ryan Meier, noted aromantic asexual, taking listener submitted questions about their dating, romance, and sex lives.

Aceterpretations: A podcast about asexuality, fandom, and where they intersect!

Sounds Fake But Okay: A podcast where an aromantic asexual girl and a demisexual straight girl talk about love, relationships, sexuality, and pretty much anything else they don’t understand (it’s us, hi).


Asexual Artists: Website featuring interviews to asexual spectrum artists (visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, etc.).

Health and Safety

Ace Competent Healthcare Resources: Collection of guidelines, research papers, personal testimonials, and general musings on ace competent healthcare.

An Asexual’s Guide To…: Sex education series written for asexual spectrum people, from an ace point of view.

Ace-Friendly Therapist Masterpost: List of known therapists who know about asexuality and have worked with ace clients. Note that there may be more.

Resources for Ace Survivors (RFAS): Project created to help asexual-spectrum or questioning people who have experienced sexual violence.

Ace Shelter: Blog post with a list of known LGBT youth shelters open to asexual spectrum people in USA and UK. Note that there may be more.

The Trevor Project: the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.


LGBTQ Relationship Violence: A chart by The National Domestic Violence Hotline outlining abusive patterns in relationships.

Healthy Relationship Spectrum: A chart by The National Domestic Violence Hotline outlining what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like.

*If you or someone you know is in need of help in an unhealthy or abusive situation, call 1-800-799-7233 or visit for resources and chat services.

Guides and Tips

Basic Resources for Ace Advice Blogs: List of resources useful for mods of ace advice blogs, including best practices and examples of bad advice.

Email activism: Blog post about how to do ace activism through e-mail, including an example at the end.

So You Want to Talk to the Media: Blog post with tips on how to approach interviews and other visibility work in media.

Tips for Prospective Ace Pride Marchers: Blog post with recommendations to ace groups planning to participate in a Pride march or parade.

Tips for Writing About Asexuality: Blog post with general tips on how to write articles and blog posts about asexuality.

Tips for writing about asexuality in non-ace spaces: Blog post on how to write articles for websites, blogs, magazines, etc. not specialized in asexuality.

Writing Asexuality in Fiction: Masterpost of essays on creating ace characters in works of fiction.

Meet Aces and Aros IRL

ACEapp: Social network platform exclusively dedicated to people in the asexual spectrum. Available for Android and iOS.

Aces & Aros: Website dedicated to help people find local ace and aro events in Canada and the USA, access resources and keep in touch with current discussions.

Asexuality on Meetups and groups on tagged as asexual.

¿Dónde encuentro a la comunidad asexual?: List of Spanish-speaking ace groups and online spaces.

Online Forums and Chats

Asexuality on Discord: A list of Discord servers tagged with asexuality.

Aromanticism on Discord: A list of Discord servers tagged with aromanticism.

r/asexuality: A sub-reddit for asexual people to discuss ace matters.

r/aromantic: A sub-reddit for aromantic people to discuss aro matters.

AVEN Forums: Forums hosted by AVEN where community members can ask each other questions, find resources, and discuss ace issues.

Arocalypse: A forum for people on the aromantic spectrum.

School and Work

Asexual-Spectrum Professional Network (ASPeN): LinkedIn group to help asexual-spectrum community members develop professionally, find jobs, and improve their working skills.

Ace Inclusion Guide for High Schools: Book on how to build inclusive spaces for ace students, addressed to educators, administrators and student leaders (free PDF).

Western Regional recap: You too can lead a workshop!: Blog post about leading workshops on asexuality at queer college conferences.

Jump Start Your GSA: A guide to starting a Gender and Sexuality Alliance club at your school.


Asexual Research Bibliography: Community repository in Zotero of asexuality-related research.

How to research asexual community history? A DIY guide: Blog post with tips on researching the history of online ace communities.


Asexuality and Islam: Website featuring essays about asexuality and Islam written by Laura. Currently on hiatus.

Ace-traordinary Love Workshop: Asexual and Aromantic Identities and the Image of God: A video of a workshop lead by The Reformation Project, a Christian organization working to train activists and promote LGBTQ+ affirmation in faith spaces. Co-led by four aro/ace women of color.

Bailey Brawner on Asexuality – E59: An episode of the podcast Queerology in which Bailey Brawner talks about her experience as an asexual United Methodist pastor.

Victoria Slabinski is Exploring Asexual/Aromantic Theology – E64: An episode of the podcast Queerology in which Victoria Slabinski talks about her work exploring asexual and aromantic-inclusive queer theologies as well as theologies related to decolonizing/reclaiming efforts by Christians of color.

Asexuali-TEA: a ten-day devotional called “Asexuali-tea” about the gifts of asexuality on the Our Bible App, a progressive and social-justice-oriented Bible app with many of queer and/or POC contributors.

The Need for Asexuality in Theological Discourse by Lache S.: A work that combines asexuality and Christian theology. Schilling imagines Mary, Mother of Jesus, as asexual, and she creates an affirming Christian narrative.


Asexuality and Race Resources: Document listing discussions, blog posts, linkspams and academic publications on race and asexuality.

Asexual POC Resources: List of links to various posts and articles about, by, or for ace people of color.

If you have any favorite asexual and/or aromantic content, resources, etc that is not included here please send us a link and we’ll add it!